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This is our second home by ZEC, love his style & good quality homes. Matt and Carl have both been very responsive. 

-Aimee & Corby

Modern, Reliable, Quality Work.


ZEC design, attention to detail, overall quality and of course Zach! Great experience, the design process was fantastic. The selections went smooth. 

-Andrew & Kristi

Reputation, quality of work and referral from previous clients (Jack Struthers) and the end product met and exceeded all our expectations, we couldn't be happier!!  Thanks,

-Anthony & Melissa

The style of the home. We absolutely loved how organized the entire building experience was. Never felt that we were a bother to the awesome sup Matt. That guy is amazing.

-Austin & Amanda

We chose to build with ZEC due to lots of positive feedback from current homeowners. Reliable and very professional during the process! We honestly had the best experience with the parade process and we would do it all again. 

-Blake & Mackenzie

Beautiful quality home and an impeccable reputation of the builder.

-Brandon & Katya

Loved the Look & Floor Plan and I knew of your Reputation & Quality. You have it Dialed in! So Impressed with every person on your team.


ZEC has an excellent reputation as a quality builder. We were also impressed by the unique design, layout, and quality construction. My dad is a architect and builder so I've grown up on job sites and appreciate folks that take pride in their work and stand by it. Ben Evans has been an excellent resource and super responsive to our follow up questions and needs. I hope he knows how much we appreciate it. We've been very happy with everyone on the crew or vendors we've met. 

-Brian & Karen


Great Reputation!

-Brock & Sandy


Familiar with ZEC homes, right area for new construction, that fireplace wall!

Matt S. is awesome!! Very responsive and approachable, thanks Matt. Ben E. was great too, earlier in the construction process. Initial design with Zach was a relaxing process and appreciate all his flexibility on the plans.

-Bruce & Tracey


Beautiful home / Design / Floor plan / Location! It was flawless, time frame, everything! You've got a great team behind you! Georgie & Joe "the best". If I need anything, they will get it done! Carl Argon "wonderful". Immediately took care of "2" issues we had. And Brody with Gaggenau, with our orientation was a delight! Great job, everyone!

-Bryan & Roxanne

The best house on the parade, hands down.


2012 Parade Home

Location of home and quality of construction. Matt was very pleasant to work with during New Homeowner Orientation. 

-Charles & Wendy

Quality craftmanship, reliable, trustworthy, honest, high integrity. You surpassed any prior experience we have had in the past. Seriously I can't think of needed improvement. We have already told many people of the quality of work on anything ZEC does. We are very happy with everyone we worked with and were thankful of how Matt Sisco oversaw the whole process. He was on top of things & communicated everything through the process. He has excellent consumer relation skills. 

-Chuck & Mitzi

Matt Sisco was/is extremely helpful. Enjoyed the orientation. He continues to be very responsive. Very Nice Person. Closing was enjoyable. Scott Darling made it fun.

-Clarence & Sandra

We saw ZEC homes during a stop in to Reflection Ridge and loved the design style. All of our initial dealings with Zach gave us confidence to move forward in the build process. We had a great experience and when there were some issues that came up we were impressed with the commitment to make sure everything was done right! We were really impressed with Chris at Majestic for his attention to detail on our project. We were also impressed with Kyle's for working hard to correct the mistake on our cabinets! Matt Sisco's attention to detail and customer service was outstanding even after we closed on the home. 

-Colin & Megan

Excellent quality, great people and the team understood what we wanted and made it happen.  Overall, we had a great experience and are VERY thankful for all the great work by the ENTIRE team.

-Conner & Kylie

Very reputable builder & great location for lots.

-Corey & Kellie

We had always loved your parade homes, looked at other builders and realized we were asking them to build a ZEC style home. Very happy we were able to arrange a build.

Matt Sisco did a great job coordinating, communicating, and working through issues as they came up. Cannot say enough good things about how well he took care of us. 


Very nicely built home!


Lots of small details well done. The size, orientation & quality of everything well thought out. Everything works together & flows great. Quality work & most subs were professional & very skilled.  Great to work with.

-Curt & Stretch

I love Zach's style and attention to detail. 


My brother and my neighbor made me do it! It was more expensive than other properties we looked at, but the design has proven to be unique and popular. The reputation of being well-built is great.

Ben Covert has been an exceptional representative of the company. He has met us on weekends and has kept us up-to-date on the pending list of items to be completed. 


We love the location, view, and quality of construction.

-Dana & Holly

When looking at homes, we noticed the attention to detail was much stronger with this builder. Also liked the modern flair. We love our home, the process was easy and everything was done on schedule. Thank you!

-Denise & Roderick

Zach has a great reputation for building quality homes. We love the clean design and the location of the Movado neighborhood. Everything was amazing. Thank you so much for allowing us to be the first to put in an offer on this beautiful parade home. Congratulations on all your awards.

-Dennis & Denise

Looking for a beautiful place to call home? Zach Evans is the first and last place to start. Beautiful homes...


I was starting a build, but ended up purchasing a spec home. During the short window I was working with ZEC it was pleasant.


We love this house, Zach. The value cannot be topped. There is attention to detail that is not done by other builders in this price range in this area. (Treasure Valley)

-Frank & JoEllen

As new owners of a Zach Evans home, we are very pleased.  We love our new home and really like the design, many features, and functionality.  Some of the best features of our home are the many outdoor living areas, which are great retreat places, and the spacing of bedrooms so quietness prevails in those rooms even when lots of activity is happening in the rest of the house.
The whole process with Zach Evans Construction went very well overall.  In the beginning Zach and Jace worked diligently to design a beautiful home that we liked and that would work well for us.  Todd Downey was always prompt about revising change orders and having the correct pricing.  Katy Hoxsey did an excellent job suggesting colors and features according to our desires.  Adam Corleone, the supervisor, worked extremely hard to be sure things were done right and timely.  He listened to our wishes, made great suggestions, and had wonderful ideas.  Adam was always available and very responsive.  His attitude was always very positive, professional, and customer orientated.  Most appreciated was his willingness to change or modify anything in the construction process.


We liked the quality and style of the other ZEC homes we had seen. We had the opportunity to make selections to make our new home what we wanted. Matt Sisco is and was outstanding! Matt was very responsive to questions and concerns.  All the subs we met were friendly and professional. We are very happy with our home.

-Gary & Deborah

Outstanding!! Extremely helpful, best we have seen. 

Saw the quality of the homes you had built on Zillow, 2016 Spring Parade of Homes and the 2017 Spring Parade of Homes.Our view of it with our agent sealed the deal after we met you. Zach, Overall you have a tremendous team, from the office, to Matt Sisco, to the selection of your sub-contractors. It has been a distinct pleasure to have been both an observer and a buyer as you have built our new home. 


The Zach Evans homes have always appealed to us. Especially the style and most of all the quality. From the beginning with Zach was professional & gave great ideas to Todd being very efficient with getting information & pricing to us. To Ben being very, very professional, helpful and amazing all along the process. He was so very patient with all of our requests. The whole team was wonderful. We love our home!

-Glen & Mary Kay

We had seen your work before and were impressed. Your rep that did the orientation was remarkable! It was way more than I expected.


Reputation as a builder who cares about homeowners. Attention to detail, style and quality.

Up to this point in the process everyone has been helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous. Matt has been there for us with his knowledge and advice. He responds to our requests in a very timely manner. He's unbelievably polite too! 

-Greg & Carrie

We selected a spec home already built : it had superior features features and location for the price point we were searching for. The community seemed destined for a great vibe. We loved it the minute we walked in! You guys and your team were all very pleasant to work with.  Thank you for going the extra mile to ensure a quality product. It truly shows.


We liked the overall modern design and color schemes, as well as quality of the construction. The homes are very appealing.


Reputation, been in homes that ZEC has built, mother's recommendation.

Ben Covert made this project bearable! He is knowledgeable, thorough, and always took care of any issues we had. ZEC is lucky to have his expertise! 

Thank you Ben!

-Jason & Trisha

Had heard good things about ZEC and was impressed with the attention to detail noticed during build and past build in the house we looked at.


We love your style and procedures / attention to detail. 

-Joe & Kassie

We looked at many homes for a couple of years- we were always impressed by Zach Evans Homes, both in Style and Quality.  Everyone on the ZEC staff were Great to work with and always Professional!

-Josie & Larry

Beautiful Home-We Love it!


Zach Evans builds a high quality, modern & clean line style that I loved. The Parade home inspired me to begin the building process. Everyone at Zach Evans was exceptional, great customer service. I really enjoyed meeting with Zach to customize. Matt the super was amazing to work with, extremely thorough & easy to work with. He did a great job communicating & following up on concerns. Matt went above & beyond to ensure I loved the house, ensuring high quality work.


Friend referred, like the way my friend house turn out. (Quality)  Ben is very helpful and understanding.   Taking good care of any problem with no questions.


Love the style of home. 

-Kim & Thomas

Overall quality builds and location of property. Matt and Todd were extremely helpful and on board with our wishes. Hilarious too, which made the process fun.

-Krysta & Dakota

We were first attracted to the lot. We then looked up ZEC and the construction style, researched his reputation and felt confident choosing you.

-Larry & Karen

Reputation and impressions from houses we saw in Banbury. We love our house! We could not be more pleased, it turned out as we hoped. Zach Evans Exceeded our expectations. 

-Larry & Kathy

Contemporary Style-toured spec house in Mace River during Parade of Homes.  Working with Matt was the icing on the cake-a real Gem to work with.

-Les & Brenda

I was told by Kyle's Custom Wood Shop that you (Zach Evans) were a good builder and always looked after your customers. Everyone was very helpful, from Zach to all the office personnel to superintendent. I can't think of a thing that would have made it any better. Matt Sisco was exceptional. I, Thank you for building me a beautiful home.


Matt was very helpful! I greatly appreciate his willingness to explain everything throughout the house. 


We selected Zach Evans due to the integrity and design of his homes - single level, modern and good quality. The location was also conveniently located. We are thrilled with our purchase. 

-Liz & Rob

Our superintendent, Brad, did a great job managing our hillside home build. His ability to troubleshoot & communicate our progress was very valuable. Todd was great at keeping track of our budgets & Carl has been a big help with final punch list items. We recommend this ZEC team for your next home build.

-M & M

We loved your work at the model homes we saw. After spending a year looking for our home, we found your work to be contemporary, great finishing and affordable pricing. Overall everything was great through the home building experience. Great staff to work with. Luke Evans and Matt Sisco we both great. This was our first home buying experience and your staff made it a very smooth process for us. 

-Maneesh & Meera

Matt Sisco was awesome. We ran into him almost a year ago when we first were exploring your homes. He was so gracious and informative, and showed us a home that was being built. To this day he is very helpful, friendly and flexible. His level of professionalism matched the quality of your homes. Then when we connected with Luke, the whole process was so easy. No hassles - Luke was so accommodating and professional. Thank you. We look forward to enjoying our home for many years to come.

-Marc & Catherine

Over the last several years we have admired the style and superior craftmanship of ZEC homes; and we knew we wanted such a home for ourselves. Matt Sisco was absolutely wonderful in explaining , assisting & providing rapid solutions to our move-in concerns regarding the house. Luke Evans was such a timely professional individual to work with throughout the entire process.


You build a very nice home. Quality too!


Already built but we loved the attention to detail and the quality of the workmanship

-Michael & Rita

The ZEC Team was very courteous and prompt in the building process and the questions we had. We truly appreciated our foreman, Matt Sisco. He calmed us when we were uncertain and was very prompt in returning our messages.

Thanks for a beautiful home! Great subs too!

-Mike & Deanna

I Freakin Love you Guys! Best Team Ever!

-Mike & Hailie

This is our second home with ZEC; the first was very good! "Get what you pay for" High Quality! 

Matt Sisco did an excellent job walking us through and making decisions all the way through the construction process. 

Todd D. worked with us on the cost estimates and made things right, it was great to work with both of these guys. 

The office staff was always courteous and took care of our requests.

Thanks ZEC Team!!!


We love Zach’s homes, Clean & Contemporary. We wanted one of his homes for 10 yrs. before we could actually build one.


We like the look of ZEC homes and had received positive feedback regarding the company.


Loved the floor plan and the lot. Good experience and high quality home. 


Good reputation, good design.


Saw multiple other homes by Zach Evans and was impressed by the design and the unique style when compared to other builders in the area.


Reputation & Modern Design.

Ben E. was so great! He was always available for questions & concerns.


Zach Evans had a good reputation for building a quality home.


Reputation and quality of home. Matt, Garrett, and Jace were all awesome every step of the way!


Always have liked the style and quality of Zach Evans homes.  After building 5 homes, this was the easiest and best experience we have had. A special Thanks to Matt who was a gem to work with. We can’t say enough about how Matt made this a fun experience.

-Ron & Margaret

We liked the open feel of the Parade home and heard great things about Zach and the process. It was a great experience. I cannot say enough about Matt. He went above and beyond for everything. He made the building process great.

-Roy & Lyn

The pictures don't even begin to do it justice!! Thank you soooo much for an amazing experience, product and new friendships...(if you all haven't had enough if me;) Your family and team that you have built up are some of the most incredible people!! Thank you thank you, here's to new memories!!!



We knew that ZEC built a quality home and we looked at several homes and liked your style. Over all we had a great experience, it was a little different than 20 years ago when we built a home. No complaints at all, we enjoyed the experience! BTW, Matt is a good dude! He was very knowledgeable and helpful. I can see why he does what he does!

-Sam & Lisa


Matt, you made our first time house building experience a very good one.  It was (is) a pleasure to have you as our building supervisor.  You handled all the problems that occurred (which were not many) with such a confident and positive attitude.  

With much appreciation,

-Sandy & Bob


There's nothing like a ZEC home!! It was such a pleasure working with ZEC that I want to build another home all over again! The BEST experience ever. Matt Sisco - absolutely essential. Katy @ Design Vim - just "gets it"! Love them to pieces! 

-Sharon & Joaquin


ZEC reputation. For building a home I was very impressed with the ZEC system & process. I would like to give a special Thanks to Matt Sisco who handled all of the issues that arose quickly & efficiently. He is a great asset to ZEC Construction.



The style of houses you build is very much congruent with our taste. We love your designs, and we could see the quality of your workmanship. Your stellar reputation is well deserved. 

-Steve & Jackie


Our research clearly showed that ZEC was a respected builder that built the style of home we wanted and the quality of home we wanted. 

-Steve & Michelle


We want you to know that the experience overall has been fantastic and we are thrilled with our home. We especially want to give a huge shout-out to Matt Sisco. He has been exemplary in his attention to detail, his knowledge of the process and product, and his never-ending delightful manner in working with us and dealing with the subs. He was truly a joy to work with over the past months. Todd was also cheerful and responsive to our many requests for change, and we appreciate his patience and understanding as we did our best to manage our end of the project from the east coast. Nancy & I are delighted to join what must be legions of proud and happy owners of ZEC homes!
-Stewart & Nancy


We bought your parade of home. Stunning! Thank you for such a beautiful home.

-Tamara & Jeffrey


Looked at home previously built…liked style and quality of work. Zach Zollinger was a pleasure to work with. Thoughtful, efficient, knowledgeable -real asset to your business.



At orientation and follow-up, Matt was very informative.



ZEC owned the lot we desired. We consider ourselves fortunate that ZEC was the builder of our desired lot. Both DeeAnne and I had a great experience building our home with the ZEC team.

-Tim & DeeAnne

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